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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doesn't look good for the "Family Bird"

The Family bird has been with us for quite awhile. My daughter Michelle called me and said Tweety is dying. This post below is a repost from about 3 years ago...:(
My daughter is now 28 and she was 15 when I got her Tweety. I actually picked the egg out and watched her hatch...she's lived a long and happy life...


I posted some picture of our family bird "Tweety" or sometimes we call her "Bird". This is actually my oldest daughters bird she has had it since she was 15 teen and now she is 25. My oldest daughter is ten states away and she didn't think that the bird would handle the move, so we have kept her with us, taking care of it for her. She has quite the personality.

Got any money in your purse...?

Not to much water in this glass...hum


Hide and seek

Making up my mind

I think squirt taste better

Can I have a bite?

Warmth and safe

Bath time

Pretty bird

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