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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Banner Exchange once again

I Have openings for banner exchange, the banners that were on my website were not leaving my banner on their website. I haven't been online for over 7 mos until just last week, and its a real bummer that they took my banner off without letting me know so I could remove theirs. (thats kind of chicken shit, if you ask me) So I am starting over. Those who would like theirs placed onto my page, please let me know if you remove it...I also have ads spots available through project wonderful. You can get to the link by clicking onto the ad spot, "Advertise Here", OR "Place your Ad here".I'm still checking out to see if the other links still work. For some reason or another, the links remained but the banner picture dissappeared. I'm going to contact the people that belong to those links and see if maybe their picture, some where dissappeared, because they might of changed it and the picture left the link.

My Saved Banner exchanges;

OMG! Another Game Blog?!

OMG! Another Game Blog?!

A Simple Life

Jiggety Jigg
Smelly Dad
Obessed Cyclist
Just For Me and You
Mommys Little corner

This is my blog
Liar reviews
Mom reviews
Two of a kind working on a full house
My moms view
Kindred spirit reviews
Central Perk NY
Because I could never keep up with a diary
On The Bricks

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click me!

click me!

Kool Kustoms

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