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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Afghans I've made

Hello everyone, I really miss being online, Check out my pictures of some of the afghans I've crocheted.

Well I've been crocheting so many afghans, I've completed 6. Two Airy style afhans, one white for my daughter Alex, and one rose colored for my daughter Michelle. Two flowered granny square afghans for both Alex and Michelle and a Airy Diamond, browns color afghan for my oldest daughter Jill. And the last one, the last afghan completed is an American Flag afghan for my grandson Mikey. I am going to ship the flag afghan as soon as I get some money.

My income is $50 a month right now, I will be getting $250 starting in March for child support.

Airy Diamond Afghan, I made three and started another one.

Flag afghan, I am making another one to sell on eBay;
my user name on eBay is teri432004...look me up, I will be selling many things like the roses of afghans I have made but the roses are red. Also Pop Corn Flowers I crocheted.

I made two of these;

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