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Saturday, October 10, 2009

She's such a beatuiful bride

My daughter became a wife Oct 2 last Saturday at 5pm in Missouri. She was a beautiful bride and the wedding could not even be more beautiful than it had been. The wedding party was very cold with a weather temperature of around 54 degrees, but other than the weather the wedding was nearly prefect...

I have posted just a few of the wedding pictures that day...
I am exhausted and homesick, just waiting to return to go home to California, but I don't leave until Wednesday of this next week.

This last week its only been me and my grandson Mikey and I am exhausted from staying busy with everything from playing games, watching movies, bathing dogs, camping in the front yard with the temperature 40 degrees, driving to cemeteries, game stop and trying to get my daughters laundry, house and dishes caught up.

But you know?
in the end,
when I have gone home,
this whole trip
was diffidently worth it.
I am a proud grandparent
& parent...

My toast to the bride,
groom, and and his family.

"I’d like to make a toast to the bride and the groom.

I'm nervous, so please excuse me while I read the toast.

I would like to start off by welcoming to our family Steve and all of
his wonderful family.


To the man who has conquered the bride's heart, and her mother's.
Coming together Steve,
in unity with you Jill and Mikey
is a beginning;
for the three of you,
staying together is progress;
working together
is success.

as I toast to to my beautiful daughter,
These tears in my eyes today are the same tears
that filled my eyes to overflowing joy
when the nurse first laid you in my trembling arms
in the delivery room.

Yes, the self-same tears.
I could not have been happier,
at your birth,
or now,
at your marriage.

You have grown up so well,
better than I knew to instruct you or guide you.
And now you sit there,
so smart and beautiful and full of promise,
and in my mind I am wondering how that red-faced,
Pointy-headed little baby with the wrinkly skin
sit here today in YOUR chosen beautiful gown
I am so entirely happy for the both of you.

may you have a spectacular life together."

Sorry about being to tired to edit the pictures, if you like to view more pictures of the wedding, I am loading most of them on
my url for my myspace is
mee mOe
. I will be loading them up through today.

A mother kiss to the bride. (mOe and Jill)

Autographed picture, people who attended the wedding reception.

A proud parent. (mOe)

Michelle, Alex, Jill, Steve, Ron and my grandson Mikey.

Mother and father of the groom and mother of the bride (mOe)

I'm sorry about the pictures being sideways, to tired to edit pictures today.

Michelle, Jill and Alex (my 3 beautiful daughters)

My youngest daughter Michelle, my oldest daughter Jill (Bride), the groom (Steve) and the best man (Ron).

The wedding party

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