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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My oldest daughter's project

My oldest daughter put a pond in her backyard that we, her family and I have been working on since I’ve been here in the State of Missouri in which she lives in.

My grandson Mikey dug the hole, because it started out that he had so much energy that Jill (my daughter) told him to dig a hole. So he dug the hole and that’s when Jill decided to start her pond. She was only was going to spend $300, but it ended up costing quite a bit more. She bought the plastic liner, and paid, which was around $100, then the rock which was 13 cents a pound, she bought over 2 thousand pounds, add that up to $263. Oh, and we wont forget about the sand, the sand started off with 4 bags and then we went back and purchased 10 more bags ($2.30 something a bag) for the first 4 bags at Home Depot, and the other 10 bags costing $1.87 a bag at Lowe's, costing around $20 total for just the sand. Crazy thinking someone would purchase sand and rock…lol.

The bags of sand created a problem because since the bags weighed 37 pounds each and we had them in the trunk of the car, it lowered the back of the car quite a bit. We were driving up her gravel driveway and the back of the car was rubbing a lot. We had Mikey get out of the car to decrease the weight, which wasn’t much and pulled right into the backyard to place the sand bags.

Then we (Jill and I) place the plastic liner of the pond in the hole. Then we dropped sand into the sides as a fill in, and then we placed the large rocks around the pond.

We filled the pond with water, it looked really good the way we placed the rocks. Then we added the pump and 2 small fish (koi fish). At the end of the evening, my grandson mentioned the pond was losing a lot of water; it was below half the level of what it was originally. We discovered that the pump was draining water outside the pond, leaking under the liner of the pond, which made the plastic liner of the pond rise up, which was pushing the water that was inside the pond outside the edging of the pond and lifting the middle of the plastic liner up. The liner was bent upward and the fish were swimming in one foot of water.

Now we have to drain the pond completely, move the rocks, pull the liner out and dig the hole deeper, and pretty much start all over. I would place photos in this post but I left my camera USB connector at home.

The pond is costing not quite $1,000 because we now have to start over, it may cost even more.

My brothers pond on the other hand is actually the size of a swimming pool, and ended up costing him over 5 grand. You can view this pond on his website at (John and Dena’s website address).

I will try to place photographs of Jill’s pond when is complete, and hopefully it will be completed before I leave home back to California.

John and Dena's pond (My brother and his wife).

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