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Monday, September 14, 2009

Link exchanging gone bad

Every once in awhile I check the links from other blogs that I have on my page and visit the blogs that are exchanging links with my blogs to see if my blog links are still on their blog, and today I have found out that several bloggers that had my links on their blog have removed them, even know I still have their blog link on my blog.

I am now removing a lot of exchanging links due to the unfairness of them removing my blog links off their blogs...It seems that every so often I will ask them again to place my link on their blog, seeing that I have their blog link on my blog.

I am going through my exchanging links to remove all those that don't have my links on their blog...if you read this and are one of those that removed my links, email me and I will be gladly to place your link back on my blog after you place mine back on your blog...

This sounds confusing to me and so it probably sounds confusing to all of you, I'm just frustrated about all these link exchanges.
Have a wonderful day !!!

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