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Friday, September 25, 2009

Haircut & Color update

I know that I am posting later then usual, but me and my daughter Jill spent most of the afternoon fixing her hair at Salon De Christé. It looks really good, remember the pictures that I posted in my other blog .Struggling Parents"? CLICK here the link will open in a new window. I would of place of before pictures into this post but I deleted them on the computer..oOps ...

I will take pictures of the wedding dress and me and the other girls dresses soon to show it off, stay tuned.

My youngest daughters Alex and Michelle will be arriving on the plane, we leave to pick them up at around 10pm Missouri time. I am really excited to see them, I have never been away this long from them ever. I know they are grown young ladies and have lives of their own, but I always keep in touch and see them at least a couple times a week. I will keep you updated on the wedding, that is why all of my daughters are here in Missouri in which Jill (my oldest) lives now.

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