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Saturday, May 23, 2009

My 4 daughters and me

My kids are out of the house, or should I say they flew the nest.

My oldest Jill is now 26, and going to be 27 in August.

My daughter Alexandra (Alex) and Tiffany are 21 and will be turning 22 in December, Tiffany is my adopted daughter.

My youngest (my baby) is 18 and will be turning 19 in July.

I also have a grandson who was born in 1997, he is going to be turning 12 this September.

My oldest daughter and grandson live in Missouri, Michelle (the youngest) lives in Sacramento California, Tiffany lives in Arizona, and Alex lives here in Chico with me, the Northern part of California. they all have their own place, jobs and going to school full-time. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.

My Grandson Mikey

My daughter Alex

My daughter Michelle, the youngest

My daughters Alex and Tiffany

Me and Alex

Me and Michelle

Me, Jill and Alex, with our gummy smiles
Alex, me and Michelle

Me and Alex

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