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Monday, February 23, 2009

She awaits

">Lighthouse Lovers

She walks a lonely path,
towards the lighthouse
to meet her lover's return.
The path has grown
tumbleweeds and thorns.
The sea breeze blows memories through hair.
the salty air that touches her lips,
as she remembers her lover's kiss.
She reaches the lighthouse,

but can't resist.
Looking over the ocean
to see if there are any ships.
The wind blows a memory of his scent.
She dashes through the opened door
the wind helps her
to close the sturdy door.
She looks around the musty room,
sees cobwebs circling,
giving her that feeling of gloom.
Chills run up her spine
at the thought
of ghosts
of the past time.
She's been there before,
as she reaches the stairway door.
She climbs the worn wooden stairs,
gripping the stairway rail,
and hopes to see his sail.
She reaches the top floor,
remembering her lover face.
She gazes through the salt stained windows
amazed to see the stormy sky.
She had vowed to meet her lover's return.
So she yearns for her lover's touch,
thoughts of missing him, so much.
The storm continues to form,
lightening strikes in the mist,
within the fog that never lifts.
She stares out at the sea
while watching the weeping trees.
She sits on a wooden board,
daydreaming of the man she adores.
She continues to wait
for her soul mate,
she waits
and she waits
for the sound
of his ship's horn.

copywright Terry Freeman

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1 comment:

chilly said...

Hi neighbor! ;-)
Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us! Always enjoy reading your writing.