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Saturday, December 13, 2008

When Life Becomes a "Stress-Test"

When Life Becomes a “Stress-Test”

My Mom had an episode of Tachycardia, where the heart speeds to an uncontrolled pulse rate (rapid heart rate), symptoms might be that your neck and/or shoulder, or even your yaw feels stressed or in pain, short of breath and/ or extremely tired. All of these symptoms can bring to the conclusion of that your heart is under extreme stress. You might even experience pain radiating into either your left or/and right arm. You can become weak, sweaty, cold and clammy with chills and short of breath and even feel faintness for moments or even days). These symptoms might even make you believe, that its just stress related pain, without realizing you are in danger of heart-damage or heart-failure, look to the bottom of this post to prevent related Heart Self-Stress-Tests). With all of these symptoms, they refer it as a “Self-Stress Test“. What happens is, that the heart becomes stressed, because of the narrowing of a valve or vessels to the heart when exciding amount of breathing, blood-flow or when its not the type of thing/ things you do each day have been induced. They call it “Putting it off until the last moment” (sometimes).

These episodes are induced when the heart valves and veins are under stress (that normally isn’t in your activities of daily living, ADL‘s). She didn’t pass her ”Self-stress test“, which is also called Tachycardia in some cases (in which a heart valve has been damaged).

A Stress-Test that is sometimes required to some job titles that require heavy lifting, loading and working at a fast pace. Its where they have you walk swiftly on a treadmill for an amount of minutes and are monitored, to see if you can handle a rapid heart-rate, and they monitor your heart rate, pulse and blood-pressure (of course) for that time of the stress-test. The SELF Stress-Test is triggered when having a high dose of stress in your life, that isn’t expected, or put off until the last minute.

My Mom has been diagnose as having a heart disease because she failed her SELF stress-test. When failing a SELF stress-test, it can possibly and more than likely damage a lot of heart cells, which classifies you as having a heart disease. No one knows exactly what triggers these Self stress-test, but they are thinking that it is caused by not exercising, moving around as often, possibly your diet or even having a job that allows you to allow your heart to beat-up to a normal-fast-working pace.

It is always great to exercise on a daily basis, or at least bring your heart rate to your normal exercising rate, for your age. Remember to;

ALWAYS consult your Doctor in changes, if you have a history of heart disease, or because of your family history and or most importantly or diet.

Your diet has a lot to do with the way your body is, as is today. If you eat fast-foods, go out-to-eat and add a lot of salt or fat to your diet, more than likely, you will have a lot of health issues.

Ways to try and prevent a “Self-Stress”.

1. Pace yourself.
2. Ask for help from family or/ neighbors.
3. Do not put things off until the last minute.
4. During the holidays or Birthdays, plan ahead.
5. Eat right, meaning that your eat the amount of protein/ nutrients.
6. Drink plenty of water/ or good liquids (alcohol is not considered a good fluid).
7. Get plenty of rest, even if you take naps or take something over the counter that is not addictive. Or even ask your Doctor for easy sleeping techniques, drinking milk or even reading a good book at night will ease your tension, or stress.

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