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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Electricity Bill Slashed

Your Electricity Bill Slashed

Electricity prices are forecast to climb 9.8% in 2009...and that’s on top of this years 5.2% hike. But with a few tweaks, you can save big in spite of the increase.

1. “Cycle” through savings; sign up for a cycling program offered by many utility companies, and they’ll use a radio signal to shut off your heating system for short periods during peak-usage times. The breaks are so brief, you won’t feel the difference. What will you notice? The discount on your bill.

2. Nix left-on lights; forget fussing at the kids about leaving lights on-instead, install motion detectors in their rooms, and you won’t have to pay for any unnecessary illumination. The quick fix, plug-in lamps into motion sensors ( about $13 dollars at hardware stores) that fit into any wall socket.

3. Bundle up your water heater; heating water is the third largest energy drain in American homes-about 13% of the average utility bill. But you can slash those costs up to 10% with a blanket for your water heater. 20 dollars, it keeps the tank insulated so water won’t need to be constantly heated.

4. Shop around; does your state give you the option of choosing your energy provider? If so, that competition can snag you as much as 20% savings a month. Many of the alternatives rely on renewable energy. Contact your state’s Public e Commission (in the blue pages) to find out your choices.

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