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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Child's Sight

The child’s sight

The child’s wisdom is in sight
They say what they see when they see it
I am beginning to remember how
When I don’t say it, when I see it
I remember it differently

I am walking with children in a dream
They have included me
None of us eavesdrops any more
Its only something to ignore
We speak the same gibberish, gab
Our spirit ticks the same time, just different pace
I feel again and I’m part of the inside of their world

The child is a little inspector when it crawls
It touches and tastes the earth
And hopes you’ll catch them when they fall
Rolls and stumbles towards what they think is failure
Zigzags like a sail
When they finally see they haven’t failed

As the wind blows through their hair
And outmaneuvers the moon
And out shines the sun
Their spirit is the one we should all believe in

I am learning the child’s way
I once was one
I pick up wood pieces from the ground
And see shapes into them
As I day dream from the clouds floating
I noticed a purple velvet bee resting on a flower
Remembering my mother as she loved to garden
Imagination is within their minds
With so many ideas they will find
And to stop, to listen to those bees that buzz
The birds to bathe
Oh, what a vision to picture within your mind
If only I had this vision myself

The child eyes are learning to visualize
Touching, seeing and especially the sense of being there
And yet I feel will not be put away for my mistakes
And roll down the plush hills with tacks
And lemons and roses with thorns

With only my children lives at stake
Nor do I spit for luck
Never helped me much
Impatient as I feel I am
I am learning their ways
Even know I was once a child myself
They have given me bliss of my own senses
I lost my self
But never lost my heart for them.

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