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Friday, August 01, 2008

Ice Cream was made in heaven

Ice Cream Was Made In Heaven

It is smooth, creamy, cool and as much a part of summer and warm weather as sunshine and honey bees. Ice Cream is God’s little “treat” for hot breezes, dry throats and the need to laugh and enjoy the gift of today.

Whether it be little children, or golden ager’s, ice cream is universal and part of everyone’s mental scrapbook of favorites flavors, crunchy and colorful toppings and mounds of whipped cream that resembles soft clouds in the sky. Ice cream also has medicinal benefits- remember being able to eat all the ice cream you wanted when you had your tonsils removed? If you skinned your knee or fell off your bike, you were cleaned up, tears wiped off and as soon as that bell from the ice cream truck man could be heard, you were allowed to order up a bomb popsicle, an ice cream sandwich or a “turkey” drumstick- that had a cone filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate and nuts made you forget the pain not only of your scraped knees but of the embarrassment of finishing last in that bicycle race. It didn’t matter any more because right there- in your hand- was the symbol of life at its best.

Ice cream is a treat but it can be and should be enjoyed year-around. There is never a non-season for this creamy delight and no matter the age, time, season, or how much change you might have in your pocket- ice cream hit’s the spot and fits right in. The best way to enjoy an ice cream delight anytime, anywhere is with a friend. Sharing secrets, ideas, and hope for a bright future make that all-year treat even more special and unforgettable. You never out grow your love for ice cream because while food fads may come and go, ice cream will always be a favorite…

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