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Friday, July 11, 2008

A short post "Butte County Fires"

I am just posting a short note to let everyone that I now have a laptop and I will try and get to reading all of your blogs, thanks for being so patient.

If you haven't heard through the news that Butte County in which I live has been in a disaster from fires started through lightening. The smoke cloudy situations are so thick, nearly impossable to breathe without wearing a mask...check out the news below;

Wed Jul 9, 11:10 AM ET
Drivers on Oroville Dam road, in Oroville, Calif., drive with their headlights on as smoke and haze from nearby wildfires blankets the area, Wednesday, July 9, 2008. Thousands of residents in Butte County were forced to evacuate their homes Tuesday as as fires blazed through the small towns of Concow, Camelot and threatened nearby Paradise.

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1 comment:

chilly said...

Hi Terry!!
Great to see you back for sure!

Yes I had heard about the fires and glad your alright!