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Saturday, July 12, 2008

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If there was a way to repay the damage that I have created in my life with my children, the damages I have made with my children’s life’s, a way to step back into time to change the messes I have developed, I would. “If only” as we all say, “If only”. And another saying that keeps entering my mind is “What If?” Maybe this lesson I’ve have to learn, this message sent to me, this “whatever you want to call it” life cycle…Maybe its taught my children to not follow me into my footsteps, maybe its taught them, or showed them that my direction I chose to follow was obviously just for me and only me.

Children have a way of following their parents, the path they chose. Its sometimes sad, but I see it happening I have witness, acknowledged it and you wonder if there is any way of stopping it. You speak to your children about it but they don’t seem to acknowledge it at the time that you tell them they seem to follow you whether you want them to or not. They will say, “No, I will never do that”, “I won’t be like that”. Remember the saying? “Like Father like son?” “Like Mother, like daughter?”, its occurred to me that those sayings are not just old wife’s tales, they are very true.

It has been researched that alcohol, drug abuse, and even Cancer, Diabetes and other illness are genetically through heredity in our genes, given to us by our family, our ancestors and so on. To bad there isn’t a cure for preventing or stopping the cycle of this followings. To bad they haven’t checked into why this happens, its our children that suffer because our mistakes, they should be allowed to make their own mistakes.

Children often do not listen to their parents, they rebel at the word “No” or “Don’t do that”, you tell them you have made that mistake but for some reason they don’t see it. They continue to journey into the trail you came out of. My Mother many times has told me that I am an alcoholic, and that my Dad was, and my Aunt is, and my Grandfather was, and so on. We have a whole history of alcoholics in our family and I have been told that my children have great tendencies of becoming one and I will always be one.

So the message is that we all learn in life our mistakes and our success and our goals...Our goals are our achievements with give us our happiness and that is all what God wants us to do is reach whatever it is to succeed our happiness. You ask yourself what it is to be happy, what it is to feel loved, and how to love yourself.

God wants us all to be think, "What is your happiness?".

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