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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The voice within us

There is a poem called "The Hippopotamus"

The Potamus can never reach the mango tree,
But fruits of a pomegrante and peach refresh the chruch from the sea
At mating time the Hippos voice betrays inflexions hoarse and odd,
but every week we hear rejoice
The Chruch, at on with God "

What an odd poem I found in a book called "The Voice that is great within us"

I found this to be very

I hope that all of you have a great weekend, I've been going through withdrawals from not being on the internet...I try and make it to the library as often as I can...thanks for being patient..

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chilly said...

Hey Terry! If you get online, let me know your alright!
I just heard that Chico is being evacuated because of fires.

(((((((HUGS)))))))) Hope all is ok there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry how are you doing...sorry to hear about your limited access :( what a bummmer
Did you hurt your back as a nurse?
I know what its like to have a bad back, I hurt my upper right back over the shoulder blade at a work accident 10 years ago, I only get a twinge now and then now but I know what bastards workers comp are !
Your daughters are lovely

Take care