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Thursday, June 05, 2008

library once again

I am at the library once again. I waited to get online about an hour, and now I've forgotten what it was excatly I wanted to say (post)..I just miss being online and miss reading blogs, ...I will try and make it online tomorrow, they only give us an hour to be online and I have so many email to read it makes it hard to post onto my blogs. My kitten had kitties last night, she had 5 and she, herself is a kiiten, not even a yr old. I will try and keep you all updated ...have a great week end!!!

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chilly said...

Hi Terry!! (((((HUGS)))))
Go to see you online again. Feels so wrong without you being around. Miss reading your stuff!
Have a great weekend too!

Diana said...

Hope you post some pix of the kitties, if not at least have some ready for when you are back online normally.. I LOVE kittens :)