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Friday, June 06, 2008

Just an Hour !!!

I feel I don't really have much time at the library to do everything, I wish I had internet services. I have to much going online and it to much to do in just an hours time. I really hope I don't lose my visitors, and friendly bloggers. Next time I will try and be a little more organized. I cannot possibly read all of my subscribtions, emails, and many other things I need to do in all of my communities I belong to. There are people waiting for the time to run out so they can be online for their hour. Just keeping in touch with all of you, hope you have a great weekend !!!

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Nessa said...

Hope to see ya back soon. If ou get time I tagged ya for a Mother Child Meme. Very cute. You can find out more about it on my post.


Diana said...

Hope you'll get back to normal service soon. I can imagine an hour online seems like 5 mins as time goes so quickly.

Maybe you could write your posts out before you get online, just type them out quickly then!