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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

At the Library

I am at the library because my internet was shut off, if I don't answer your email or messages, its because they only allow me to be online at the library for an hour and I have so many things to do in that hour.

I miss reading all of your blogs and applogize for not responding to most of my messages. I am currently setting up wireless internet at my boyfriends house, but I haven't quite figured it out yet.

There is a rumor going around that on Monday I drank all day, which is a lie, I did drink on Monday, but I didn't start drinking until 5pm, I know it wasn't a acuse but, why does lies get spread in the family? I cannot depend on anyone in my family because everyone finds out what I've done and they make it sound worst then it actually was.

Like I said before ..there wasn't any excuse but lies are spread through what I thought was my trusting family, is now just gossip. I miss all of you and hope that you don't disappaer by the time I get the internet set up...have a great week ..!!

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1 comment:

chilly said...

Hi Terry! So good to see you online any way you can get online.
Hey, don't worry about what family thinks. I have learned over the years that family will screw you over first before anyone will!!
I was always the black sleep of my family. They say I'd never make anything of myself. Ha! funny when I was able to work and making more out of myself than any of them, for many years, guess who they all came to when needing money. I learn quick that I didn't need them.
Just hang tight darlin'!! Believe, work your way through this and all will work out. Mostly believe in yourself!! Your a good person!
((((HUGS)))) Have a great week!