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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Short Hair Happening

WOW !!! another very short haircut. All three of my daughters got very short hair, all of my girl had fairly long hair, espeacially my daughter Alex, she had very long hair. Chop !!! Chop !!! Check out these picture of my

This is my oldest beautiful daughter, she doesn't have a picture of her new short Haircut. She will be 26 this coming August

Alex, my beautiful daughters haircut. She will be turning 21 this December

My beautiful daughter Alex, she had the longest hair out of all three of my daughters

The back of my daughter head, so you can see the cut..this is my beautifulMichelle

My beautiful daughter Michelle, she will be 18 this July


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1 comment:

HeyShae! said...

I love Michelle's cut. Mine was cut similar to that a few years ago.