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Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Ladder

I fell of the wagon (went into a drinking binge)and last night I've discovered that drinking doesn't mix well with my lifestyle, I've chosen to turn around and start climbing the ladder to recovery. I woke up this morning with a vision in my mind of a ladder, simpler to the one in the picture. My thoughts are to take one step at a time and put the past behind me. Also my boyfriend kicked me out of his house, I don't blame him I admit it is my fault, he doesn't like drinking, and that means the taste, and the smell of it, so now I am back to square A, because of the drinking. But today is a fresh start and a new beginning...

I'll blog a little later, I am going shopping with my daughter to look at graduation dresses...;)

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chilly said...

You can do it, Terry!

Unknown said...

Hi Terry, I admire your honesty and courage to admit to your addiction.
Adding you to my blogrollover at Hip Mama Blog. I hope we can exchange blogroll. :)