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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hassles with banner exchanging

One thing that I have found out that makes me a little upset is the fact that you find a blog that has a "Banner Link-back" and you leave a comment asking if they'd like to exchange "Link-Backs", they say go to their site and see your banner there then a couple days goes by, you return to their site to see if your banner is there, its not, sometimes they will add you to a blog roll or just completely delete your link. And of course you still have their banner on your page, whats wrong with this picture? why do they all delete my banner, I keep their banner until I realize they have deleted mine. It just isn't playing very fair, when I have to check if my banner is still on their blog. Its plain frustrating if you ask me, but who's asking me anyways ? no one...;( "Show some respect for other blogger...or you get whats coming to you..done ranting again and does anyone else have this problem? I am not mentioning anyones names, because they know who they are..thanks

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Lyndon said...

There needs to be some sort of standard for when people exchange links. Eg. you agree to keep the banner up for at least a week.

I found a lot of people deleted your link shortly after putting it up as well. Probably why I don't bother doing any banner exchanges anymore.

Rene Perez said...

Or some people could be like me and deleted an ENTIRE page element that had a bunch of links/banners in it. *blush* I left a blurb in the new page element I created letting people know what had happened and if they had been deleted to let me know. I didn't get ONE response. I finally deleted the blurb and moved on assuming they didn't read my blog anyway or they would have noticed. I'll add your banner!

Grandy said...

I don't think I understand how that works, but do think it's not fair if they say they'll link back to you and they don't.