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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Entrecard is beginning to become BORING

My pending ads.....Peace !!! lol...

17 Adverts, I am still awaiting for. I think what is happening here is that these are adverts that just want to cancel but if they do, their rating for cancellation will go up so they just pretty much ignore them that are awaiting approval.

Not just this waiting for these to become approved, but also the whole Entrecard has become so slow its so annoying to even drop cards now.

The following adverts are adverts I have purchased which are still awaiting approval by the site owner." CHECK out the dates I purchased;

Purchased Site Price Cancel?
4/16 16:28 Mommy Cracked 32ec
4/27 12:55 All for Women 64ec
5/03 22:43 Now What Baby 8ec
5/03 22:49 Anything and Everything 128ec
5/03 22:50 The Joy of Homemaking 32ec
5/03 22:52 BlogginMom 32ec
5/05 11:27 Chicken Fried Therapy 32ec
5/07 19:26 Kids BLOG!!!! 32ec
5/08 19:50 Naughty Mommy Lifestyle 16ec
5/08 19:50 Playtime Central 16ec
5/08 19:52 Mom's Out There 32ec
5/09 21:41 Mini-Obs 8ec
5/09 21:42 TWINS 8ec
5/10 12:27 Daffodils And Dragonflies 128ec
5/11 0:59 Celebrity News & Gossip 32ec
5/12 12:48 MomCooks 64ec
5/12 22:02 A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog 32ec

Total 696ec
So I still wait...just as I wait for the time of the day that there isn't to many people dropping at the same time, so that I can drop without constantly waiting for the page to load and then hoping that the page will load the website and not read an "ERROR" message after waiting all that time for it to load, it becomes very frustrating and so similar to myspace when myspace was doing that before they got a larger server.

So I am not angry at all of these adverts for ignoring my Entrecard invitation, but if you leave me a message through Entrecard I will cancel myself so I can get my EC's back...just a simple message saying you would like me to cancel, no other explanation is needed, I will understand...

In the next few days I will cancel them myself, the older adverts beginning at the top. Thanks for hearing me out...have a wonderful Tuesday !!!

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Natalie said...

I ended up canceling an advert I bought because it sat too long. That totally annoys me! I'm sorry you have so many pending.

chilly said...

WOW Terry! That is way to many to have to be waiting on. I normally give 4 days and if they haven't approved or rejected me, then I cancel it out.
There's suppose to be a code added into Entrecard that will auto approve you in 10 days.

Here if you want to read it.

bbr said...

Adverts auto accept after 15 days now, not 10.

Anonymous said...

by the way, thanks for dropping by again...that is so true...your banner looks great in my blog and mine too. it made my blog more jazzy!!

im open for advertising if you want...hehehe

Katelove's said...

Hello there, Thanks for dropping by in my blog! it's my pleasure to have you! Just wondering if you would mind exchanging links? Please let me know and give me your links so that i can add you in my blog. Thank you very much, Here's my link, - Katelove's , kindly add me. thanks and take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just want you to know that I have linked your blog in all of my 4 blogs. Thanks for doing the same.

About the entrecard. I would suggest you have to buy the expensive one from 250 to 1,000. That's what I did in my other blog para cguradong approved and I also have a lot of returns/clicks. Yesterday, I got 120 clicks dun sa nag advertise ng blog ko.

Check about theri rank status too, if they are only for just for view, meaning, inconsistent silang mag dropping. Piliin mo yung mga deadly master, serious at et cetera.

momwithbrownies said...

I must have an odd idea of how it all works but I figure, if they aren't dropping and they aren't accepting, then people aren't going to see my site anyway. Why bother if they aren't going to bother...maybe I'm just hard nosed but I cancel after 24 hours if they haven't accepted. LOL

ANYWAY... I am one who votes for canceling and using your points where they will count. I also stick to the ones who have a profile of consistent dropper and above.

SheR. said...

Oh I have the same experience too.. I just cancel them.. Can't be bothered. They are keeping you in their ad queue to increase their credit rating. Silly move!

Jan said...

hmmm... this reminds me to check my bought ads.

btw, thanks for joining my entrecard drop list. i'm obviously here to drop my card... :)

also, for the autolink above... is that for those who wants to cancel your advert or for those who want to be in your drop list? I wanna join too if you're asking for drop list. :)


Anonymous said...

I am not as patient as you. I cancelled them when it is 1 week overdue. Okay, sometimes I give till 2 weeks. Well, anyway, it doesn't matter nowadays, I just don't bother to place ad for a few weeks already, coz it is just so slow. Today just spent some time used up all my EC. I don't think it works for my blog, not much traffic it brought in anyway. :(

Matthew S. Urdan said...

I wait 36 hours. If someone doesn't check their email that often or update their blog that often, then I'm not interested in advertising on their site. Unless someone has a really good reason, such as that they are on a wilderness expedition in Tibet, that they can't check email for a while, I cancel in 36 hours. And it's just a common courtesy to provide notice if you'll be incommunicado for awhile.

I say cancel them all, come on over to my blog, and I'll approve you either instantly, if I'm online, or within 12 hours if it's the middle of the night and I'm asleep when you place your ad.

Cheers and good luck!