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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloggers have quit

A lot of bloggers have quit Entrecard probably because of it becomes so slow and takes so long for pages to load including the main Entrecard website. Its a shame because this seem to be working great for traffic with me and all of my blogs. But like I said yesterday, its to darn frustrating to wait for pages to load. I've come across a blogs and they don't have the Entrecard on their page. I'll blog a little later if I have time left over. Have a great Wednesday !!!

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chilly said...

Ouch! No way I'm leaving Entrecard. LOL!
Terry, Have you seen this??

I now use this with a list.
It cuts out scripts on blogs/sites and makes them load so much faster. Only works with Firefox. I open 60 windows at a time in tabs. They load in about 4 minutes and 3 minutes to click them all off.

Ana said...

I had the same feeling about the loading times. I have to refresh and refresh most of the pages to get the site up.

But I though it might also be the problem of the SocialSpark and PPP script most of the Entrecard bloggers have now...

Anonymous said...

I have the same issue with the speed as well. I have no other choice but to stick with IE6. No Firefox. So can't use Socialspark as well. Loading EC pages take too long. Another pain is the Campaign page. After clicking a card, when returning to the category page, it just starts all over from the first page. Stupid system. :(

Susan Cook said...

I have about 10 adverts waiting for approval too, I don't know why it takes people so long to respond. If I get one to approve I usually do it no longer than one day. I have been canceling ads if they don't approve for me within no longer than 2-3 days. I figure if they haven't responded by then then they aren't going to. And then I go and purchase different ones. That's what I've been doing.

NH Yocal said...

I still use it but I hate the new system of searching and campaigning. I liked the old way much better. I don't know why they "fixed" something that wasn't broken.