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Friday, May 30, 2008

Begin my life

When your children are young you say to yourself that you wish for them to reach 18 and become adults, and now that all my daughters have become adults, I wish for them to be young again. You give it you whole life towards your kids and then when they become adults, you have to begin your own life, and it just seems very lonely. Letting them go, is the hardest thing in my life.

Chrissy (her teacher, she is actually her cousin and my niece) and Michelle, (The graduate). Chrissy taught Alex (my other daughter) when she went to the same school. Its weird that she is my niece and her cousin, but she is the GREATEST teacher of all...THANKS Chrissy !!!

My Dad, Michelle (The graduate) me and my Mom;
She is an adult now, she passed her driving test yesterday, the day after graduation, I am proud of her, and she is the last of my girls (kids) to graduate.

Alex and Michelle, sometimes they act like they want to kill each, but they've been best buds since they were wearing diapers, playing barbies, and dressing up with my dress shoes and clothes, it hard to let them go, I now know how my Mother feels like. You want to help them as much as you can, but it doesn't really help them. It just drowns them, and they cannot experience adult life on their own, I become tearie eyed when I think that they no longer need me the way it was.

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Unknown said...

AAwwwww, They must grow up sometime! What a sweet post!
Great pics!
congrats to your "baby"!

chilly said...

They do grow up so fast, huh!
Congrats to Michelle!!

Hi Terry! ((((HUGS))))
Have a great weekend!