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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Advertising complications

My advertising on my blog titled Struggling Parents has been around since just 5 days ago. And the statics of it, I think is pretty good. Check out the visitors I have had from the different countries.

536: United States
128: Philippines
34: Malaysia
34: United Kingdom
26: Australia
23: Canada
20: Singapore
17: Germany
16: New Zealand
17. Indonesia

Click on the image to see larger view.

Well...anywho, I received a spam comment advertising a web server for a blog services changing it to a domain name for free. I've never heard of the name before, but even know that it was a spam comment, I was curious because some of these advertisers that are online advertising brokers want you to have a domain name as . Project Wonderful is one of them.

So I am thinking that I might change one of
my Google blogspot blog to give it a try, seeing that I have 8 blogs through Google. I think it'd be kind neat to have a domain name website. I have one through but you can't advertise on it, at least I don't think you can. The website to my tripod. com is
The Freeman Family. Click on the link and check it out, I haven't updated it in a couple yrs. but I just been busy with the Google blogspot blogs. I have to decide which Google blogspot blog I want to transfer to a domain name. Should it be one of my popular blogs? or should it be one of them that aren't doing so well. Because I am thinking once you change the address to the blog then you have to start all over on the rankings.

I am getting pretty bored on the EntreCard scene because of its page loading problems, its so frustrating to me I'd rather just leave it alone then hassle with it at all, so if you are waiting for me to approve advertise on my blog, it won't be very long of a wait, because I'll check on the awaiting adverts everyday. That reminds me, if you want to join a contest "EntreCard giveaway" I have one on one of my blogs, titled Across this Bridge, click on the link to check it out.

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