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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finally..I think

Finally..I think I learned how to create a link back for my ad to go in other blogs, check it out !!!

Wish to link back , just copy code below to get this logo.

Struggling Parents Chilly (from the blog titled "On the Bricks") showed me how to do this link back , which took me told you all that I'm a little SLOW

On The Bricks

Wish to link back, just copy code below to get this logo.

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Susan Cook said...

You're not the only one, I have no idea how to make one of those little scroll boxes either!

chilly said...

Nice job Terry!!
And thanks for the plug on naming my blog in your post. ;)
Have a great Friday and weekend!!

Anonymous said...

thanks mee moe! i'm here everyday too, dropping my cards :)

i wish i could find time to learn this link back thing too :)

take care :)

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moms..... check nyo