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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Explaining my situation

This is a letter I wrote explaining my situation that I been going through

To Whom It May Concern,
This letter is regarding a recent letter that has denied certain medications that to me, are related to my original injury. I would like to point out how these certain medications that you denied. I have drawn a diagram that will simplify what I'm trying to make you understand. As you notice, at the very top of the diagram, I list my original injury. First comes pain , which I was placed on pain medication . starting off with vicodine 5.7, and then it wasn't working , had to increase to the vicodine 10. After certain point, they were working either. My pain medication was changed to a different pain medication, Norco's .5's, and it eventually increased to 10's. During this time I was taking another pain medication, I was also taking Soma 350 three time a day with ibuprofen . 800 mg. I was working during these changes of the certain medications mentioned above for a whole year.
The pain got to be too extreme, so I had to stop working, and as you look on the diagram . that is one of the things that come next, adding depression from loss of job because of original injury. So I would think that an antidepressant should be included into my medication. Next, would be the change of income, and due this, would add more depression which leads to anxiety, so an anti-anxiety medication should be prescribed. As you look on my diagram again , you will notice that stress leads to anxiety, stress also leads to more pain so I would need a breakthrough medication , which you denied , called Perocet, because of the tension. Along the line from after loss a job comes loss of appetite , food never becomes an issue when you're in pain. So the only thing that I can think of, to gain my appetite back and make me hungry, would be the a prescription for marijuana. Nausea comes off and on, so I would think that a prescription for nausea would be necessary. Nausea came from stress, anxiety, depression and which leads to the original injury. The loss of income and change, not knowing where your money comes from, or from who, leads to most of the symptoms mentioned above , which leads to the original injury. Loss of income , weight loss , pain, stress, depression, loss of job, loss of appetite, leads to thoughts of self-destruction. Everything mentioned above , makes complete sense that this all came from the original injury.
I didn't have depression, I had a job, working more than 40 hours a week. I wasn't depressed , because I knew I had an income and I was able to pay my bills. I didn't have a lot of stress with my job , just normal stress that comes with being employed. I didn't have a loss of appetite, ate rather well or weight loss. I didn't have pain , which causes stress and cause more pain, which causes loss a job, which causes depression, which causes loss of appetite and then comes weight loss, stress leads to more pain. All that is mentioned, combined, leads to thoughts of self-destruction, change of income led to all above, the loss of my job and all came from the original injury. I feel your responsible for all of my health issues that led to the original injury.
I truly believe that all of my health issues led to the injury. All of this is a combination that led from my injury. So I would like you to carefully review . the diagram , I have drawn , and think about how all of these health issues that led to the original injury.

Chart of what I've listed above "Click on image to make larger"

This is a chart that I made to make Worker's comp and the Doctor's realize that multiple symptoms occur from the start of the original injury.

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