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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Being suspended with Google

I finally access my account with Google, and you'll never know exactly how I did it. I emailed them 20 or more times through my gmail, Yahoo, and SCB mail. They finally responded and allowed me to access it with my PIN #. I wasn't allow to open my account with Google, they had suspended it, where I wasn't even allowed to open any of my account information.

I thought of how long its been sense I was able to get into my account and its been over 5 mos. All this time they weren't showing my Google ads on my blogs. The way I found that I was able to access it was that one of my Google ads were showing, so I logged onto Google Adsense and I was able to view my account, then I entered my PIN #. Sound crazy? well I didn't earn any money during that time of being suspended.

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Anonymous said...

Google makes me so mad sometimes...