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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I have been anxious these few couple days due to my addiction creeping over my shoulder. I wish I could say quiting/ stopping my addiction isn't very easy. Some people , like my daughter Alex doesn't seem to beleive in addictions, I on the other hand feel that addictions occur when you are younger and work through you until you are older. She use to smoke cigerettes, and has quit to prove a point that nothing has a hold on you if you are in control. And thats the key word "If you are in control"...

My addiction is a demon as far as I am concerned, I , non-stop think of it everyday of every hour, praying that I have control and don't allow my addiction to sneak in as I become weak. God only gives as what we can handle, and that is what I keep telling myself, that God has control of this situation, not the addiction (demon).

I thought that I would share this with you, my feelings that I have had lately. Thanks for reading...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have the right attitude but making changes (giving up addictions) is not the easiest thing. I work a lot with various addictions, but one thing I have found when doing it your way, we psychologically rebel. I am not too sure what your addiction was (notice the was), but if you are just wiping it out, that's tough. Something that could help would be to put something in its place - not really substitution but something that will anchor the idea of change. For instance, if you were a coffee drinker, where ever your coffee mug sat, put a glass of water there. That way your body will get the effect but without the need for the caffeine. If you are giving up smoking, where you used to have ashtrays, put a glass of water or flowers to look at or something that is good and will fill the void. It is the idea of putting something in the physical location of where you kept your addiction stuff. Does this make sense?