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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Removal of the POP-UPS...

Tomorrow I will be posting an update on the afghan I am crocheting for my daughter. I have all of the popcorn flowers and the granny squares done. I even got the granny squares crocheted together, right now I am crocheting rolls in between the the granny square rolls for space to make it longer and wider. I've taken pictures of the afghan in it progress, earlier in this blog and even in my other blogs there are updates on my other afghans I have crocheted. I am trying to locate a picture of the afghan I made for my mother, I might be posting tomorrow.

If you have read my blog titled "When Life Becomes a Book", you'll know that I finally took care of the porn Pop-Ups. I've been fighting with that battle for a long time, its great that I have finally got it taken care of. If any of you are having a problem with POP-UPS then it is most likely the widget from technorati page rank. I noticed that the blogs with that widget in it, they have the ANNOYING POP-UPS.

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1 comment:

chilly said...

Great! Glad you got the pop ups taken care of. :)
Look forward to seeing the pics.
Hi! (((HUGS)))