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Sunday, March 23, 2008

No walk in the park

I didn't walk in the park, it was a walk down a bike path. Chico (the little town I live in) is well known for its bike paths, they are very wide bike paths that allow people to also walk on while bikers can ride around you.

These pictures were taken yesterday on the way home from the store I walked to. I went to the store to get a birthday card for my boyfriend, his birthday was yesterday, if you read my other blog stating this. CLICK ON PICTURES FOR A LARGER VIEW

WOW !!! Look at the distance of this bike path, hum..? should I go for it?? LOL..

Instead of finding Waldo ..try and find the squirrel on the fence.

Bikers riding down the path...

A knot hole view of someones backyard, see the swing? I was being on the picture for a better view..

Click on the picture and you'll see a tree house...

Someones backyard, as I was walking down the bike path. They have many signs posted on a large post...there is also a tree-house in the background if you click on the picture, it enlarges.

Project housing development that doesn't have the money to finish. Lately see a lot of these projects. This is actually on the street in which my daughter and my parents live on.

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Anonymous said...

There are a lot of unfinished developments in my area too. It's sad, because two years ago they finishing a ton of projects left and right.

Shelia said...

Good Morning mee mOe!

Great pictures from your walk (glad no one was out there doing anything weird, lol)

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter too.

Have a great day! :D