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Monday, March 03, 2008

Meme ...answering on four topics

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Basically the meme is answering 4 questions on 4 topics (thus the 4×4) and then tagging 4 people. So, here it goes.

4 Jobs I’ve Had in My Life:
1. Nursing
2. Homecare
3. cocktail waitress
4. Waitress

4 Shows I DVR (TIVO)
I don’t DVR or TIVO so I’m listing 4 shows I don’t like to miss;
I don't own any of these, but if I did, I'd use it on one
1. CSI Investigations

4 Places I’ve Been;
1. Montana
2. Washington
3. Nevada
4. Utah

4 Favorite Foods;
1. Mac n' Cheese (Homemade recipe)
2. Chinese food
3. Chicken n' Dumplings
4. Enchilada's

4 People I Tag;
1. Whatever Mama
2. Mommy, Daddy Blog
3. Laura Williams Musings
4. What Parents Should Realize

My other blog;
1. Across this bridge
2. Marketing myself
3. Struggling parents
4. When life become a book
5. Read Between the Lines
6. Internet Lifestyle
7. The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery

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