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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Bare with me regarding my postings in all of my blogs, I still am having the Hardest time with trying to get rid of this pop-up virus. This computer I am on now is my oldest daughters old computer, I always use it as a back up and thats exactly what it is. I don't have firefox, google tool bar or and of the other features because it will >LUG LUG this computer to much, it already has a hard time with loading pages. I don't even have spell check...the blogspot Google won't work in this editing poos, I don't know why.

does anyone know how to actually speak to a human with Google, I need to contact them about accessing my account, they have put a hold on it, and I think I have mentioned this before about address verification, and they sent me the pin nummber but where and how do I access my payment history when I can even get into my account to get to the payment history. I want to speak with a human GOOGLE !!!

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Anonymous said...

dear, i just had my website de-constructed just to get rid of my pop-ups as well. I removed every single widget from my page and then the pop-ups were gone.

Yesterday, I read about another blogger having the same problem which was sorted out by her husband. The culprit was her alexa rank widget, which I had as well. I see that you have it too. Delete that widget and see if it works.

It did with me. Hope you get this sorted out. Bye!

Struggling Parents said...

Thanks I'll try that !!!