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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Entrecard Dropping

Today this computer is running a lot better, I was able to drop 120 Entrecards and still dropping, my Entrecard amount dropped to 88 which isn't that bad because it makes it easier for others to purchase my Entrecard.

Today at the fairground they are having a garden, flower, and home improvement show we are going to (me and my daughter Alex). I went last year with my boyfriend and whats weird about it is that I wasn't going out with him at the time, it was shortly after the flower show that I started dating him. We've been going out for a year this next coming weekend, it doesn't seem like we have been going out that long. Time really goes by fast.

My daughter

This coming weekend March 22 is my boyfriend's birthday he will be 66, and he told me he didn't want anybody to tell him Happy birthday because, he'd rather not be reminded. That make sense to me but how do you avoid saying Happy birthday to someone on their Birthday?

My Birthday boyfriend Ted

I can sing Happy thats when we started dating was around his Birthday but at that time he didn't tell me what day it was, his Birthday. Oh...Wow...if he knew I posted this, he would be embarrassed and or

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, but psssst, don't tell him ;)