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Friday, March 14, 2008

Crochet Afghan Pictures

About those "Porn Pop-ups" , they are annoying as "Hell"-o. I would like those that have those annoying pop-ups to try and delete their technorati, or Google PR (page rank) to see if they will remove them after they are deleted. This works because I was in the same situation, I had the same "Annoying pop-ups". They will chase off your viewers.

I mention yesterday that I would post pictures up, on the progress made in making my daughters afghan, I posted some pictures below and I will post more picture I have taken yesterday they will be posted in my other blogs so be sure you read them to.

This picture shows edging on both sides of the granny squares and popcorn flower, click on picture to make larger;

Click on image make larger, this close up shows the popcorn flower stitch, with edging;

Close up shows the edging. Click on to make larger. This picture is before I crocheted the edging;

Click on photo to make larger.

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Anonymous said...

the afghan is beautiful!! :)Hope you're having a good weekend!!