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Monday, March 17, 2008

Conjoining Twins

I was watching a program last night about conjoining twin, it was about twin girls joined at the breast bone. Before the age of one yr they proceeded with a surgery to separate them. I posted some picture of conjoining twins below.

joined at the top of the skull and share some brain tissue -- were injected with different coloured dye to find out just how interconnected they are. Only one would be most likely to survive an operation, since she has the majority of the blood vessels.

This type of connection is classified as
thoracopagus and is the most common connection in conjoined twins. Each girl appeared to have her own spleen, kidneys, and gallbladder. They did, however, share a diaphragm, sternum, chest wall, and abdominal wall. They had a fused liver, and their hearts were connected by a muscular tube. Doctors were concerned about the heart because Loice and Christine did not have separate heart beats.

Conjoining Twins

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Anonymous said...

I find conjoined twins absolutely amazing...and the parents too! What a journey, ya know?

Unknown said...

Hi, found you on Entrecard. Funny blog.

You should list your blog free on mom blog directory at Hip Mama's Place. Thanks and have a wonderful day! :)
Jocelyn @

ChampDog said...

Yes, it is really amazing and especially for their parents how to take of them.

It just come out from my mind. Is this purely a random thing or can it be avoided?