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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bright Afghan

I started Michelle's afghan last night, I've been putting it off just because of the yarn I am using. Its a pain to work with, it separates easily. Below are some pictures of the afghan I am crocheting;

Shows you that I am only 1 third the way done on just the squares. Sigh*

Popcorn flowers are closest, I still have many more to do, problem is that I have too many projects started at the same time.

I am debating on whether I should add another round to these squares, I was kinda thinkin' that that would look cute and different as small squares, still haven't decided.

Bright billiant colors for Michelle

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Diana said...

What is an Afghan? The only Afghan I know of is a dog! lol

Heather Dugan Creative / Footsteps said...

That will be one lovely afghan! I admire your crafting skill. I'm pretty proud of myself when I can accomplish a minor fabric (or loose button)repair...