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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Breakfast with my parents

I thought I'd take a break from Entrecard because the server is down again on the site, I guess there is too many people on the site for the server to be able to carry...

I went to breakfast with my parents this morning and we had a nice visit, I should go over to my parents house more often seeing that the only live across the street. Me and my Mom are pretty close, although she doesn't approve of a lot of the things I've been doing, but I know they both love me and thats what counts the most. I try to make them happy, but isn't that what children try and do once they reach my age? should I tell you my age? well...I don't have a problem with my age, its also mentioned on my page profile. I am 47, going to be 48 this year...whoopee

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Anonymous said...

hi there, its really obvious
that you love entrecard
i do too :)

i meet a lot of people there...

Shelia said...

Hi Mee Moe,

I hope that you and your fam are having a great day. Sounds like it since you're spending some time with your parents.

They live across the street? LOL, yes, you should visit more.

Entrecard has actually gotten on my nerves this week being down. Overall I think that the best thing it offers is the opportunity to meet great bloggers like yourself.

Have a wonderful da