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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tirering day today

This is me and my boyfriend Ted, took it through the night. I think it was around 2am.

Today was a busy and tiering day, I wasn't able to blog on most of my blogs. I was up most of the night again with my boyfriend because he was having a lot of pain and a sleepless night, so I stayed up with him off, and on throughout the night.

I have mainly been dropping my encards every where. It seems to me a new thing I am addicted to lately, the more cards I get placed onto other blogs the more advertising and traffic I will get into my blogs. But ...I'm getting pretty tired of trying to get traffic to come to my blogs. I work pretty hard and I see just a little difference, and very rarely anybody comments on my blogs, I'm exhausted and thinking about just focusing on 2 or 3 blogs of mine, or maybe just one. The one that has the highest ratings. Anywho...thats all for the blog, below are a list of my others, I'll be blogging on "When Life Becomes a Book" next, link is below...*smile*

My other blog;
1. Across this bridge
2. Marketing myself
3. Struggling parents
4. When life become a book
5. Read Between the Lines
6. Internet Lifestyle
7. The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery

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