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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Resume sent & photos

I sent off my resume to my new job offer as a live-in care giver. I am trying to stay positive on this job because I miss helping people. I just miss being a nurse and it grabs my heart towards that direction.

When I first started in nursing way back in 1983 or 84 I hated it, but its taught me patiences and understanding of those people in need. I am their companion and they socialize with me, telling me their feelings, and pains and frustrations. I feel I am still needed to full-fill that desire to help people that are in need. So wish me luck on my new job and I'll try and keep you updated.

Meanwhile I posted more pictures of kids;

Alex is styling.

Alex and Michelle in a box, guess who's who?

Michelle and her friend Tiffany, Michelle is on the left.

Michelle and her friends, she is the one on top.

Michelle and her friends, she is in the middle.

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