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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Choices we live with

I don't expect anything or nothing from my kids. I pray that they follow Gods path in which he wants them to go and not to be encouraged to stray away by other temptations and by other people's addictions and bad habits. Even as they were young I've always allowed them to experience everything on their own, because if I would try and stop them with their bad choices, they wouldn't experience that choice on their own and they would fail or succeed and experience the "Right from wrong" on their own.

I told them that they should listen to that inner voice, because that would more then likely be the right choice. Also, if they have made that choice then they would have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives if it was a choice they couldn't change, bad or good, or right or wrong.

I am proud of each of my children and I will try harder to praise them more then push them to make their choices. Praise works better then telling them which direction to go, because it builds their self confidence and allows them to choose the right choices.

Who says I can't have favorites, all three of my daughters are my favorites and I am proud of them all. Michelle, Jilly and Alex.

Jilly and Alex

Alex and Michelle

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1 comment:

Maude Lynn said...

My mom took the same approach to raising me, and I think that I turned out OK!

Beautiful girls!