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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Taking control

I am going to stop working so diligently to make my feelings match my
circumstances. I realize instead that I can select and
direct my own feelings to create much more favorable
circumstances of my own choosing.

There's no law that says I must harbor feelings of
disappointment, dismay, anger and futility when events don't
go my way. I can just as easily feel amused, enlightened
and more positively inspired than ever before.

What I will do is I could use my feelings to prolong a difficult
situation. Or I can choose other feelings that will enable
me to transcend my greatest difficulties and move

So how do I feel positive when the world around me is so
negative? I just ask yourself whether I would rather be
imprisoned by my feelings or empowered by them.

From moment to moment, I am constantly choosing which
feelings to hold on to and which ones to discard. I'll be ever
mindful of this power that is my and only mine, for by improving the
way you feel you can improve anything in your life to
whatever degree I decide.

My feelings are powerful forces and important ones at that, and by taking control of
them I can move my life in any direction. Feel whatever
I choose, and I'm choosing to make it so.

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Magdalen Islands said...

This is a very powerful suggestion and I really appreciate it when considering my own circumstances. However I'm here to ask you to accept a blogging award,that came to me by complete surprise. I'm passing it on to those bloggers that I have found to have integrity, wit, wisdom, sympathy, enlightenment and are just darn interesting. It is at my web log on the Gimme A Dream site along with your name and link to this site.

Unknown said...

It's such a powerful post, you can only read and absorb.