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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Search engines (Searching my blogs)

Google search engine seems to be easier to get on the top rank, other then the other search engines. Yahoo is more difficult to get on then Google, but again I noticed I made it to the top with them to. I searched my blog on Google and it seem to pop up right at the beginning, actually the top 3 showed up with my blog "When Life Becomes a Book". The number one position is not hard to reach with that title I am sure. So what are all of the top searches? well theres Google, Yahoo,, AOL, Netscape, Alta Vista, and MSN. I looked as far as the 10th page on and I still was not on their search engine, this search engine seems to repeat itself, it kept repeating Barnes and Noble, Barnes and Noble, Barnes and Noble, I mean how many times do you want to search for the same page, what a lousy search engine. So I added my user name mee mOe and the results are on the link below "" . And then MSN search I could not find it unless I put mee mOe into the search bar. Well I did an experiment with searching with my highest blog ranking and here goes;

1.Google First page
2.Yahoo and this is just the first page.
4.AOL Search First page.
5.Netscape First page.
6.Alta Vista First page.
7.MSN second.
9.lycos This is the same search engine as, same results.

So I will try this with my other blogs and websites to see where I fall in line.
Its kind of fun to do and at least you know where you stand...Have a great day !!!

Well the outcome of the experiement is that Google has kept me on top most of the time that I have had my page. If you click on the links you will see where I landed. You should try this yourself if your curious.

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