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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pictures of my oldest daughter

I posted some pictures of my oldest daughter Jilly, she lives in the state of Georgia. She has lived there for almost a year, I miss her, she is 10 states away.

Jilly is now 25, she is my oldest daughter

Blow me a kiss Jilly, I miss you

Watch out for the whip cream fights Jilly

Jilly is kickin it

Outside its raining, cloudy, windy and very cold. The temperature is probably around 48-50 degrees, bur.

I slept better last night but I guess maybe I am getting mixed signals with my boyfriend. I feel he only consider me to be a friend and he acts that way too. We started our relationship about 7 yrs ago as friends and we've only been lovers for 11 months. When we first started dated as lovers he was so affectionate and lovey, but now it seems its all blown away. Its not like we are married, I mean affection once in awhile would be nice, but then maybe this is just my menopause talking and there is nothing to worry about.

Oh well, maybe today will be different.

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