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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Managing all accounts

I've been concerned about managing my accounts that are making money, that I have terrible financial skills. I have accounts like clickbank, adsense, AC media, Helium, many more, and all of those affiliate accounts I've signed up to. The logical person with the brains would of written them down as I signed up to them by me being the scattered minded have not. Its a very good thing that most of my accounts are connected to pay pal account because at least I know where my money is. And Adsense Google and all of my affiliates will send me checks for all of the money I make through them. But I remind myself all day today that today will be a new beginning, a new start for a great future. I have to remain positive, because being positive will be success, remember that.

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Magdalen Islands said...

You have an amazing blog here and your a member of helium also. Wow!

I'm there also as Gimme A Dream

Unknown said...

At least someone is bringing in some bread (smile)!