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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long time away

If you read When Life Becomes a Book, you'll know how my weekend went. I wasn't able to blog for 4 days, and its explained in that blog.

I'm certainly living with my boyfriend Ted right now, and we've talked about moving my belongings into his house, although he said yes, it sounded like maybe he paused on that yes. I don't want to move everything into his house and find out he is uncomfortable about it.

Its weird moving into someones house, I've only done it one other time before this and half my furniture was taken by him because he wanted me to pay 500 a month, even know that I was his girlfriend and doing his laundry and cleaning his house. What a joke that was. I've always have that someone special move into my place. You have the power to do what you want when its your house, by you feel awkward if its theirs.

Anywho, he is setting more rules each day, we go to bed so early I feel I don't need that much sleep and wake up through the night and crochet but it bothers his sleep pattern. I don't know why he feels he needs so much sleep, we will get plenty of sleep when we die...

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