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Friday, January 04, 2008

An Impulse

Her painted flesh
And her heart pumping
Thinking the thoughts
Of irrational dreaming
As an angel grasps
And captures her mind
Realistically he speaks
Through his wise words written
He flies with truth and rhythm
With each word given
Grabbing her back to realism
slapping her softly
without her ever realizing
AWAKING her from dreaming
She still persistent in
An impulsion of visions
It grasps her soul
Like claws of a lion
As she thinks of him
In her dreams
Of passion, love and devotion
Like the fire that burns within her
Dreaming the same dream
And then daylight sets in
Her angel fights,
He, not even knowing this
It seems to be
An endless battle for her
She toses and turns
Each night and desires the forbidden
As the demons grab her
Dusting sand dust
Into her eyes

And her angel awakes her
Wipes her sandy eyes
As she finally
Opens them
Lying there dazed
Of the dreams that she’s had
gazing out a dirty window
Dejected feelings
Indented patterns
As she floats back to reality
To her Angels
Written Messages
Angels speaks of honesty, truthfulness
That most everyone hears
And these words of direction
Absorbed through her head
Like a rose in need of water
And a the earth without the sun

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BillyWarhol said...

Wise Words Terry*

+ Great Smiles!!



Unknown said...

Very nice verses, well written and very interesting concept with the inserts.