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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I was "TAGGED"

I was "TAGGED" by What Goes Under The Sun and the rules of the game are that I TAG 5 other friends after answering 4 questions, so here goes;

1. How long have you been blogging? I've been blogging with Google blogspot for a few months, maybe almost a year, but with My Space I've been blogging for a couple years.
2. What inspired you to write a blog, and who are your mentors? A very good friend on My Space by the name of Greger in which I have never met but have talk to on the phone. We have always been just friends.
3. What are the 3 things that you love about being online? BLOG !!! Search for more friends to chat and share ideas about life in general and write poetry.
4. What are the three things that you struggle with in the online-world? 1. Trying to figure out all the HTML formats, 2. what all the communities are really for and 3. sitting for long periods typing thats a toll on my bulging disks in my neck.

Hopefully the friends I tag are willing to play along with this tag game. I think its a great way to meet new people and its like the viral link games. Thanks Yeon for choosing me...

The 5 friends I will tag are;
1. Lady Banana
2. On The Bricks
3. Mad tomato
4. Zui Yan Hong
5. JollyJo

Good luck and have fun !!!

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Diana said...

Thanks for tagging me...

I'll try to do it asap!

Unknown said...

Great to know I am officially in the circle (smile)...

Struggling Parents said...

your welcome !!!