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Monday, January 14, 2008

Easy Immediate improvement in the Quality of your life

Here's a simple, easy way to make an immediate and profound
improvement in the quality of your life. Stop worrying.

The next time you catch yourself wrapping your mind around a
worry, choose to let that worry fall completely away. Notice
how much more positive and effective you suddenly are.

Worry poisons your thoughts and keeps life's best
opportunities hidden from you. Worry actually increases the
power and influence of those undesirable things you worry

Certainly it's important to look clearly and realistically
at life's dangers, problems and challenges. Yet there is
nothing to be gained by worrying about them.

Choose to replace each negative worry with positive action.
Instead of looking down, pick yourself up and move forward.

Every moment is filled with countless opportunities to
create lasting value. Stop worrying, and start living with
richness, purpose and real joy.


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Anonymous said...

A very valuable write Terry.. Thanks for sharing

Best Wishes

Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Terry, Gil recommended me checking out your blogs. I really like them! My husband has a quote up in his TaeKwonDo studio that says "Worry is Negative Goal Setting". I can't agree more! GREAT post! I'd love to talk to you some more. We have some similar interests... I also used to build computers. I was very ill and healed myself of chronic pain. I love the internet..... please email me at if you want to catch up some more! Gratefully, Jenny